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Carlye McKenna Parker & Charles Callison Hanafin — Minted

Carlye McKenna Parker


Charles Callison Hanafin

Our Story

Our story began in the strangest of fashions, in an office at a job interview in San Francisco in 2018.

Following Carlye getting hired at JLL, Charlie and Carlye would see each other every day. When a global pandemic hit, Charlie and Carlye started spending a lot of time together outside of the office and became best friends.

It wasn’t until a special Rombauer filled night in June of 2021, did a flirtatious banter exchange occur.

Following that night, Charlie began to take Carlye on what he believed were dates. To this day, Carlye and Charlie disagree on where and when their first date spot was.

Later in the summer of 2021, Charlie flew Carlye to Seattle to experience Seafair, the San Juan Islands and introduce his parents. On the flight back to San Francisco, Charlie asked Carlye if Carlye would be his “Girlfriend.” Carlye responded quickly with, “We aren’t yet dating, we are still just talking.” Charlie persisted.

Fortunately, that persistence paid off. Not only did Carlye eventually agree to be Charlie’s Girlfriend, in May of 2023 she agreed to be his Fiancé!

Charlie and Carlye appreciate all of your love and support over the last several years and are so grateful to bring together their family and friends and share a long weekend of fun, food, dancing, and drinks in their special place, Aspen Colorado.